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7/14/20073 FamilyLance CameronCurrenlty I have a property under contract in Philadelphia. I'm purchasing the property for $135,000. This includes a 6% sellers' concession towards closing costs. This brings the purchase price to $128,043. For me to qualify for the mortgage, I need a down payment of $8000. and reserves of $5400. I'm asking for a loan amount of $12,000. I've already paid $2000. toward the down payment and need $12000. to make the deal happen. The property needs $15000 in rehab. I'm still awaiting the appraisal to find out the value of the house. This will determine whether I pursue the deal or not. I should have this information by Tuesday, June 26. Property Specs: Philadelphia, PA 19141 3 Units: 1st Floor 2nd Floor 3rd Floor 2 Bedrooms 2 Bedrooms 1 Bedroom 1 Bath 1 Bath 1 Bath 1200 Square Feet 1200 Square Feet 1000 Square Feet $625 $625 $450 MY Mortgage Amount: $128,043. Payments: $902. Interest Rate: 7.5% Down Payment: 8000 Reserves: 5400 Cashflow from 3 Units: 1900 Additional Cashflow: 200 Total Cashflow: 1900 The property has a two-car garage that will generate $200. extra per month.
7/13/2007Hotel-CondoAlex ZablockiProspectus
am from NYC and involved in some real estate investments here locally. I recently found your email address so I figured it wouldn't hurt to send you some information on a new hotel-condo conversion in Orlando , Florida , right outside of Disney. I attached a PDF Flyer to this email regarding this property for your review. If you want to pass it along, please do so. I honestly think it is a great investment property and a unique opportunity. If you or anyone else in your club needs more information, please don't hesitate to contact me and I can send detailed information about this project (or visit I think it is a great cash flow opportunity you may want to tell your members about. It is almost sold out, so time is of the essence. If anyone wants to see the property, I can arrange a free night at the hotel. If they buy, I can get them a reimbursement of up to $400 for airfare. Of course, if you have any potential investments in your area, please send them along to me - I would be very interested in taking a look
5/17/20061 FamilyDeal ExchangerNJ homeowner is willing to negotiate a Sale-Lease Back agreement. Owner currently needs $550k to pay off all his debt. Property recently appraised for $840k. The $550k would pay off existing debt, provide investor with 12 monts of mortgage payments to be placed in escrow, and $10,000 fee paid to investor for the deal.
5/17/20064 FamilyDeal ExchangerPreforeclosure Harlem brownestone value at $1.7m. 30% equity remaining after 1st and 2nd mortgages have been paid off.
7/22/2005CondoNokaoi Development,LLCProspectus
Min. $100,000 USD - As the property becomes ready for sales of condominiums, our investors are going to have First Right of Refusal to buy a unit in the complex. The investment itself will give back your original $100,000 (or $17,600,000) investment PLUS the first $17,600,000 profit the project makes. In other words, you will earn a 100% return on your dollars invested. Our company will keep any amount over and above this amount. Our investors will have the ability to double their money and walk away, or use the $200,000 towards the purchase of one of the condominiums.
7/12/20051 FamilyIdeal Propery Solutions, LLCProspectus
Min. $2,000 investment - Seeking private money investor funding for 1 family property in West Philadelphia
6/19/20051 FamilyIdeal Propery Solutions, LLCProspectus
Min. $1,000 investment into a 1 Family property in Philadelphia. This is a 18 month short term note paying PRIME + 1% simple interest with quarterly payouts.

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