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"Poverty is a disease that strickens every community. Financial Education is the cure." ~ Duane Harden

Students learn at their own pace:
  1. Browse through our curriculum and watch the instructional videos to learn your concept
  2. Post questions on the Teachers blog and get answers from the Teacher or Coach
  3. Complete homework assignments and consult with your Coach/li>
  4. Once you've completed your curriculum you will work with your Mentor to get your business up and running
  5. Pay It Forward = Share what you've learned with other people in your community. Become a volunteer.

Teacherss volunteer sharing their expertise:
  1. Create a Youtube video of a concept you would like to teach
  2. Email us your video or link to video and we'll add it to our Youtube channel
  3. Upload homework assignment documents if any
  4. Your class is added to our course curriculum
  5. Students enroll in your class and learn at their own pace
  6. Students ask questions on your blog posted on your profile and either you, another student, or their assigned Coach may answer.

Coaches volunteer providing support to teachers and students:
  1. A student is assigned to you as their Coach
  2. No more than 10 students per Coach
  3. Students post questions on your blog for specific help they need your assistance in
  4. Optional: You may browse teachers profiles and answer student questions

Mentors volunteer assisting students get their business up & running:
  1. A student is assigned to you as their Mentor
  2. No more than 5 students per Mentor
  3. Students communicate with you through blog postings, email or SKYPE
  4. You periodically monitor the students growth and provide guindance where needed